An important announcement from ICCFA In Response to the 60 Minutes Segment

Code of Ethics

The fundamental purpose for which this association exists is to inspire continued effort toward the improvement of the cemeteries of Michigan. To foster and encourage the highest ethical standards in the operation, maintenance and management of all the cemeteries in the state. To this end we subscribe and pledge our support to the ethics and principals of this, The Michigan Cemetery Association.

We believe this association should be thoroughly representative of the cemetery business.

We encourage the application of the highest ethical standards in the business.

We will strive to unite members in the closest bonds of good fellowship.

We will encourage and actively participate in all legislation concerning cemeteries that will strengthen and improve the protection of all the people in the state.

We believe in the fundamental precepts of fair competition.

The use of methods or practices that lend to discrimination of the sale of lots, markers, monuments or other commodities pertinent to the cemetery will be discouraged by this association.

We believe in fair dealings with the general public.

We discourage the practice of selling cemetery burial rights for speculative or investment purposes.

We will solicit and encourage others whose methods of operation subscribe to the above declaration of this code of ethics, to affiliate with the Michigan Cemetery Association.

November 1999